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This is my first post... Don't let me down, guys! :p

Fairly new Dove commerical, I can't remember what product it's for, but it's a really neat acapella version (female) of the song True Colors... It's beatiful, does anyone know who it is?
Hey, I started one for the Dove commercial as well, and I have yet to have any luck. I wrote an email to the Campaign for Real Beauty website and I haven't heard back from them, but when I do I'll let you know!
Thanks for the search idea, but unfortunately that topic doesn't actually have an answer :p

I watched the commercial they have on the Campaign For Real Beauty website, but the choir singing it is actually a different track than the one that's played on TV... So now I'm even MORE confused.

Leesey - Same to you, I'll keep you posted! :)
Hey iznot, the commercial, to me, doesn't sound like a Gril Guides choir, more like a few women singing it. It sure is bugging me though! Good luck and lets hope we find the answer soon
The commercial is the Girl Scouts Chorus of Nassau County, N.Y. It was featured in a news broadcast in New York they day after the Superbowl. They showed some clips of the actual recording sessions.