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i'm happy i found this website b/c i heard this song on radio and the tunes been runnin through my head the past week but i cant find the song!! :angry:

i wrote the lyrics down!

Lexus, Mercedes, Landcruisers, Jaguars, Pathfinders, Limosines "different voice: should try keeping it real"

Dollar Bills, big cities, bright lights, flash money "different voice: should try should try keeping it real"

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) pleez help!
oh i just read the forum tips for posting a question about a song so i will further try to explain this song

addition to the lyrics the song:

was in the movie "Pact With The Devil" aka "Darian" -- you know the movie where the guy has his picture get older while he stays young.

in the genre: rap ( i assume )

has an outkast type instrumental feel.

the singers (2) are male. doesn't have any soundtrack listing, unfortunately. And I'm not getting any results with lyric searches...

Did you try emailing the radio station that you heard the song on?
oh no! :( :( :( :( well i am not getting any results with lyric searches either and i was travelling through an area when that radio station came up so i have no idea what station it was. I guess the only way to know what i was talking about is to see the movie.

if anyone happens to read this and saw Pact With the Devil.... it's happens during a scene in which the camera is flying over NY and goes into an art expo where Dorian is about to meet a woman with short black hair who he later finds out is married. :blink:

I know I sound desperate but that is because I AM! :p :p :p