Doesn't anyone watch TV anymore?!!!


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the daily show won a couple of emmys. (i'm still trying to get over the fact that the office didn't win, so the emmys sorta suck!!!) they have a new guy, dan. not sure what to make of him yet. the colbert report comes in october and i'm excited!! ricky gervais is a guest on the show tonight so that will be cool.

arrested development was great. my name is earl was awesome. and i actually laughed while watching the (american) offfice. all is good!!

I'm sad Will and Grace is leaving, still crying over Friends. Planning my schedule around Lost, skipping church for Desperate Housewives...hahaha. And vomitting and throwing objects at my t.v. due to Reality T.v. The Soup rocks my world, especially La Magrasta (or something like that), and then there is Prison Break :wub:
Laguna beach and others, but seriously MTV must have learned how to transmit crack through airwaves because the show is obvioulsy set up and cheesy, but i cannot stop watching it.
I will destroy MTV one shitty show at a time. :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
Meh its ok. I enjoy Fuse more than MTV but even Fuse is starting to get dumb. I pretty much hate pop culture shit.
Alot of games are pop culture shit now too. Watered down, pumped out for the public, over hyped shit.
My U.S. Government teacher let's us watch the Daily Show a lot during class. :lol: My school is so weird...
*scuttles up into Leone's apartment like a hermit crab and stalks Jon Stewart*
*whispering* Psst! He's somewhere on the West Side.
Oh my, today was a good day.. possible Stewart stalking opportunities, and now Bono's on the latest Rolling Stone.. :heart: :heart: