Does anyone know these 2 songs


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Hi does anyone know these 2 song.

The first is the musci played on the new comcast ad(the ad is about how you can still get showtime,i think, when you order comcast).The song is something I've heard in other ads. It has a women saying,but what she's singing sounds like a uptempo scat.

The seocnd is does anyone know the band name and song that's played on the tech tv ad about their late night line up the lyrics goes something like... turn it up oi oi oi

Thanks in advance.
isn't that "turn it up, oi! oi!" song in some other ad on tv, for a soft drink or something?
Saw the ad again and the exact lyrics for the part I could understand goes, turn it up whoa oh oi oi.
just emailed techtv with the question, will post here as soon as i get a answer
huff....oh well, it was worth the try, very good song

Dear TechTV Viewer

The music for most of our shows, specials and any commercials we create
ourselves is from our stock music library. We pay a "needle drop"
to the composers for each usage. The music bits do not usually have a
title, and often not a specific composer. Unfortunatley, it is not
available to the public.

That is the case with the music Turn it Up.

Thanks for your interest!

Cindy Wakeman
for TechTV