Diet Sprite Zero radio spot


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There is a new radio spot running in the DC area (not sure if its anywhere else) and it has an announcer that introduces mellow, cool instrumental music by an performer that sounds like the name "milo" and they say "Milo(sp?) from Showtime" and also says something about "it's Diet Sprite Zero Chillin' Time"

Was wondering if anyone has heard this and knows who the performer is.
They also play this in the Atlanta, GA area. I was wondering who it is also. I think they called the group "The Delays". I am going to try and write down the words the next time I hear it. Anyone else's help is much appreciated.
I also e-mailed Coca-cola directly because you can ask about their advertising so we'll see what they say.
Hey People,

FYI, the commercial is also playing in San Francisco Ca, where I live, and I recognized the band. It is a band from the UK named Mylo. The song that plays in the add is a mixture of a couple of songs but mostly "Sunworshipper" from his latest album "Destroy Rock & Roll". You can purchase his albums on amazon but there are no listening samples.
thanks so much. I actually just heard from Coca-cola and yes, it is Mylo.
There was a second longer radio spot that had "Wanderlust" by Delays this was the one i keep hearing in NY :D woo found it!
The commercial I heard wasn't of "milo" or "delays". It was of an instrumental piece and I actually heard the same tune playing this month in Banana Republic. If you hang out long enough to hear it. You can ask what the song is... I just forgot to ask when I left.