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i'm sure some of you guys who use Launch player have seen the ad for the Dell DJ B) ...does anyone know what song it is that's playing?
all it is is a 18 sec ad that shows the music player sitting on a desk and the song is a pop-sounding kind of tune that goes "doo doo doo doo, you're the DJ..." at the end it says "it's your music" or something like that...
tried contacting someone in dell advertising dept. and got little/no help... anyone know what procedures to go through to maybe find this song????? this one is too cool to give up :ph34r:
:ph34r: There is a song in the new dell dj tv commercial and it is actually looping on the dell dj header page at their website.

.. sort of a cool downtempo house track (really cool actually).... that i am trying to find... i have tried contacting the advertising dept at dell and received little/no help.. have ventured into a few local vinyl shops to see if anyone there may know, same deal :(
any ideas on how to go about finding this song would be greately apreciated...
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What are you talking about? There's lots of love here. There's just no reason to start a new thread for a question that's already been asked. :what:
thats not what i meant by "no love" silly... i completely understand and respect the rules for posting... what i am referring to is the inability for me to find the name of the song :p :peace:
i am trying to find out from dell who is responsible for creating the advertisment and/or webpage as they may know the name of the song. maybe the website admin might know.. hmmmmm
anyone else know of any other avenues i may try?
:wacko: :unsure: Sounds like a loop made from a music production software program. I doubt its an actual song. B)
Just rip it. :lol: Record your computer's output (wave). In your volume settings, click recording settings. Microphone should be selected at the bottom, un check it and check wave.

Then use a recording program and press record while the tune is playing. :ph34r: