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Hey Gang,

There's a new commercial on Lifetime T.V. for something called "Dawn Anna" I believe. The song played on the commercial sounds very familiar, but I couldn't place it. And (as usual :p ) I couldn't really make out any of the lyrics.
YES! I know exactly what you're talking about. I KNOW that song ... I just can't place it & it's driving me nuts.

It goes something like "You can Flyyyyyyy ... myyy" Oh I don't know. PLEASE somebody help. It kinda sounds like Sarah McLachlin ... but it's not.
Okay for all those looking for that Dawn Anna commercial song on Lifetime...here is the answer i searched for hours and hours and found it so ill share it with you all who are looking for it to. The song is called In this life and its by Chantel Kreviazuk.
Actually it's Chant"a"l Kreviazuk :p, it's off of her [What If It All Means Something] album. I know it's available for download on Itunes - great song.
You can listen to an audio sample of the song at Amazon.com here, track 1. And, here's a link to download the song from .
Does anyone know the song used in the Lifetime trailer for Dawn Anna? It's a girl singing, and I don't know any lyrics. Big help, huh? lol It's really catchy though....