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i just can't get enough of Edward Scissor Hand's Introduction song :) anyone know any similar themes to it?
i'm a big fan of Elfman.
Other similar pieces you might want to try:

Vocalise - Sergei Rachmaninoff
Theme From Rainman - Hans Zimmer
Theme from Limelight - Charles Chaplin
( The one played by Gheorghe Zamfir is especially haunting)

Lara's Theme - ???

my favorite Elfman pieces are themes to Batman, Midnight Run,& Spiderman. B)
Lara's Theme - ???

Lara's Theme - Maurice jarre ? (Dr.Zhivago) :rolleyes:

By the way i too love elfman (hvnt got Scissor Hand's score yet :( )

I also love his planet of the apes score and oh yeah mission impossible :D
I'm an Elfman fan, but his "Planet of the Apes" score pales in comparison to the Jerry Goldsmith's 1968 score for the original film.

Elfman's music is very reminiscent of Bernard Herrman, (which he readily admits) and that's a good thing.

By the way, the Goldsmith score can be hard to find, but is was released on cd.