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The song in the show comes on before Bruno (the gay Austrian reporter)... it is a techno beat with a heavy bass sound. If anyone has seen the show that knows this song, i would appreciate knowing.
By the way, the words "Crank it up" are in the song, and the show is on HBO Sundays at 10:30 just FYI
I finally found the song, it was "Happy Hardcore" by Scooter if anyone else was looking too
I, for the life of me cannot find out what the drum and bass theme is in the beginning and the end of the show. Help me if you can.
o.k. i found out the answer. its from a dj called dillinja. now all i need is the name of the song. again any help would be nice.
I really like the theme for the intro for Borat, the Kazakhistanian reporter (From the Ali G show). Is this a real song? Does anyone know the name of it?
I think its only made for borats segment, you might want to look through traditional Kazakhstani music
Does anyone know the song that plays on the DVD menu? I think it was on a Bocardi commercial too.
there is a reggae song at the credits, does anyone know the title of the song?
re: the drum and bass song ( I am looking for it too) - it sounds like a ragga jungle artist named Mega Banton. Let me know if this helps or if anyone else knows for sure!!
I would be stoked if someone could list out the songs used in the Ali Rap documentary that aired on ESPN tonight. Maybe you could also throw in the music from the "Ali's Dozen" documentary that immediately followed. Thanks in advance.
so i just got the season one dvd, can anyone tell me the song that plays on the main menu? it's techno.

also, does anyone know that awesome techno song that plays during bruno's introduction?

and when bruno is covering NY fashion week, what is the song used right after the intro and stops right when he interviews amanda lepore (with the big blonde hair)?

I know the music from Bruno's theme is DJ Scooter - Crank It Up

AS for the rest... gimme a youtube link and I'll be able to help maybe.

right after his intro, the techno that plays on the runway. i doubt anyone will know because there's only like 5 seconds, but it's so damn catchy!
ok, forget the runway song.

Does anyone know the DVD menu song? It sounds familiar, and Ali G uses it a lot.