There is this commercial on tv which has a song I'd like to d/l.

In the commercial a black man with a walkman and headphones stands on the side of a dirt road highway. The black man is a hitchhiker. A truck picks up the black guy. Inside the truck is a redneck country hick (I mean that in a good way) playing a country song. I think the lyrics are:

"Nathan's hot dogs, so hot you burn your pants"

The truck's cd player, which is playing the song, begins to skip. Suddenly the black guy ejects the cd, throws it out of the truck window and puts the CD in his walkman into the truck's CD player. Surprisingly, it just so happens the cd the black guy is listening to is the same as the cd the redneck was listening to; except this cd works. The black guy smiles, the redneck laughs and briefly hugs the black guy and the two of them keep driving down the road.

I think this is a Sony commercial.

What is the name of the song?

Thanks in advance.
What is the song in that d_skin commercial, and where can I get it? It's the one with the hitchhiker in the desert who gets a ride from the trucker with the CD that keeps skipping. In case you haven't seen it, they have it hosted here:

Road Kill

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I've seen the ad, but can't find anything from the lyrics...

I can make out the following:

Well you say you've got a hot new baby
So hot ....
She's like a plate of grits and gravy
I have been looking forever for the song title and artist name of the song that plays in the D-Skin commercial. There's the guy in the desert that gets picked up by a truck driver with a dog with one eye, and there's a song playing the whole time that sounds kinda rock n' roll meets country. I think the lyrics go something like, "...so hot she burns your hands...for the lucky man..."
Any ideas?