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Was just looking for the recent Crystal Light commercial with the sort of reggae/island/tropical backing.

Can't pick up any of the words, so I'm not sure of how much help I can be.

This has been posted before by NeedsMusic.
The song in the Crystal Light ad needs to be found. Artist or Title...
If you remember, the song is an island/reggae type sung by a woman. Very pretty...

Please sos and help me find this island music! :D
I know exactly what you're talking about...but I have no idea what it is. I've been wondering what it is too! Do you know of a site with clips of commercials? 'cause then this would be much much ;)

Originally posted by NeedsMusic@Mar 16 2007, 11:42 PM
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I too am looking for the name of song in a recently viewed "Crystal Light" commercial. Not sure if this is same commercial. The commercial I have seen has a female singing the song and the key words/commercial theme is "Pump it Up". I did a search, but could not find any song/artist that could be associated with a female singer.

I am still interested in finding name or song/artist for this commercial. I found on YouTube a short video that plays the song from the commerical. . the song can be heard in the background. . so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I'm looking for info on the "Pump It Up" Crystal Light commercial. I've heard it many times and am finally trying to figure it out.
i dont think u can get it. i tried but i am pretty sure it was made only for this commercial.

on the crystal light website you can listen to it