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Does anyone know all the music used for the cowboy bebop movie, knocking on heaven's door, for I know three of them; Ask DNA, Tank, and Pushing the sky, but I cannot figure out what the song is after the character introduction sequence.
Hello, heres the link to the old trailer and trying to find this song has driven me mad for a good few months now. Never knew there were places like this on the net that could have actual infomation.
The music in question would be after they have the portrait of all the characters and Spike's Swordfish runs across the screen. I remember hearing "Here we go..." then Spike kicks through the glass window on the train and it says "Get Ready for the World of Bebop." The song ends when Vincent says, "Say your prayers."
Well, I don't recognize the music. This question might be better answered by Bebop fans. Have you tried forums such as Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Forums or the Twin Moons Anime Forums?
Did you also search our Video Games section? There have been some questions on Need For Speed Underground.
Actually, I've registered with both of those forums and spoken with the admins. They have, more or less, given me the finger and not allowed me to post for reasons I cannot figure out. So fuck those guys.
Petey Pablo - Need for Speed? That was used in one of the ads for NFSU.
1. The Seatbelts - Ask DNA
2. The Seatbelts - Tank!
3. I dunno, ... sounds an awful lot like Qurashi to me
4. The Seatbelts - Ask DNA
;) Well, I have good news there ol' buddy. After hours of endless searching I found the name of that song in the trailer that I know you sooooo badly wanted. It says "HERE WEEEEE GO! (uhhh) :blink: " and then Spike breaks a windsheild on a metro. It's called "Here & Now" by the Ernies. You're welcome. :ph34r:
Damn Nightcrawler, I have just bared witness to the impossible. Several years have come and gone and nobody I've spoken to has been able to answer the question. Take a small bow friend. :ph34r:

Now if only I could get someone to figure out the music in the Tenchu trailer...
I have been trying to figure out what the song was on the american version of this trailer ever since this movie came out. It is not Yoko Kano's original theme for the show.
First song: is included in the movie. Song name Ask DNA.

Second song: is the music, which starts at every episode, during the titles. Track name Tank.

Third song: yeah thats unknown.
So, yeah. I've been trying to track down the metal song that plays in the Cowboy Bebop movie trailer for a while now. I'm a big rock fan, and every time I play through the trailer to hear the song, I draw a blank on any artists that have a song that fits this. So, I've been stuck going insane over which artist to start investing in for the past few years. ;\

So, maybe you guys can help. If nothing else, maybe offer some some help on artists that might have made it. I could use it.

The specific track I'm talking about starts at timecode 1:03, and plays until timecode 1:40.

The song can also be found in a trailer for Ghost Recon 2, so I'm not sure if this specific song has been identified before. My bad if it has, but there's nothing in the Video Game forum which mentions it. >.>

ANyway, thanks for any considerations. Merry holidays!
Here and Now by The Ernies. Its off their album Meson Ray. The only place I can find it is Amazon. Itunes doesn't have their albums.
Wow. I should have joined this forum earlier. ._.

Anyway, just Amazon? Hm. I'll give Windows Media's online store a check later today and see if they might have it. (probably not though.)

Thanks for the help! :eek: