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Has anyone seen the Coors Light commercial where a guy goes to rave and everyone is very hot? The DJ puts a beer up to the mike and the speakers start blasting frost and such. The song is very techno-ish and pretty cool. Does anyone have any ideas?
This new commercial isn't listed on the coors light web site and I can't find any reference to it in a google search. It takes place in a nightclub, everyone is sweating bullets and the music starts off very slow and sensual. Once the Coors Light starts flowing, the place cools down, the same music speeds up and everyone starts dancing a bit faster. They've been playing this commercial often on TNT during the NBA playoffs. Does anyone recognize the music?
Howdy, peeps...

I'm trying to get to the bottom of the tune being blasted in a Coors beer commercial:
Takes place in some sort of underground nightclub or rave scene. Everyone is burning up, sweating bullets. The music that's pumping sounds like some sort of Indian (dots, not feathers) or maybe even Middle Eastern down-tempo groove. The DJ then opens a beer by his equipment then the speakers "chill" or get frozen over and begin to blow frost onto the people on the dance floor. The music kicks up a few notches but stays the same song....


What's that tune? Anyone? I know somebody knows... somebody? Help!
Uhm... Anyone found ANY example of the commercial? I've seen it once, but not familiar enough with it to help out here.

...Sophist...? Please, you seem to the go-to person for linking to the commercials....
Sorry - can't find a link online.

Did come across this though:

"Ice House DJ"
Agency: Carol H. Williams Advertising
Music: Original
Tagline: "Taste the Cold"
Summary: It's a hot night in the city and a guy enters a hot, exciting
club. Everyone is dancing and enjoying the night but they're clearly
hot. The DJ mixes it up by opening a cold Coors Light and spreading cold
refreshment, seen visually as frost, throughout the party. The frost
chills the mic, the speakers and everyone on the dance floor. The spot
demonstrates the cold refreshment of Coors Light in an urban setting.

Damn that original music. I'm writing a letter to my congressman.
"The Race" by Drag-On was a good guess. But not the right guess... although, that's a closer guess than the song that Coors replied to my email about. They referred to a song by Jane's Addiction which was also used in a bar/nightclub setting. Duh. It's a beer commercial—the chances of the ad not taking place in a bar or nightclub are slim.

Even after clarification in which they were told the name of the commercial "Ice House DJ", they had no clue of what commercial and song I had emailed them about.

So, I've sadly given up the search... also, the Carol H. Williams Advertising Agency doesn't have that particular commercial listed on their site as one of theirs.

For everyone that's really disappointed in not being able to dig that song in full length, may I suggest this alternative:

Goom Charakhana (Talvin Singh's Future Sounds Of India Mix), by Najma

It's not the same but it's still pretty close.
i asked & got an answer for that song from 'sophist' it was a few months ago and no, sorry, i cant remember it. the answer is in the archives somewhere if u r really keen