Coors Light beer



im sure the music in that ad is by 'the jesus and mary chain.' what's it called? i think i actually have it somewhere but can't remember what it's called. cheers
i asked about this on 1st May & have had many views but no replies. i've just seen the advert again & can provide a few more details - guys playing basketball & it starts to snow. the music sounds like the British band 'the jesus & mary chain' with the lyrics going something like 'heat going down, heat going down' HELP! it's doing my head in. cheers
I haven't seen the commercial, so this is a complete guess. Is it "Sowing Seeds" by Jesus & Mary Chain? It has the lyrics "people going down"?
thanks for your reply ad-rock but that's not it. i have 'sowing seeds' on vinyl somewhere. cheers anyway
sophist, thats it! having just watched & listened to it (thanks 4 the link) i dont know how u got it from my hopeless description. your work is not done however. who is it?! it's gotta be the Jesus & Mary Chain?? thanks a million
You're absolutely right - it is The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Song is Heat (Track 3).
cheers sophist. i knew i'd heard that tune before.