Contract Killer


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Alright I searched everywhere online, on programs and nothing. I cannot find this song anywhere so i am turning to you guys to help. I just watched Contrack Killers with Jet Lee and there's a song in there called "Contract Killer" and here's all the info on it, including producers and so on: "Contract Killer" Written by J. Tegelman/C. A. Johnson/E. Hamilton Performed by Chriss K. Kane Published by Finishit Music/Cat Nip Music/ Fresh Corp. Music (all ASCAP). And here is some of the lyrics: "Hitman It pays to let the hollow tips blaze cause takin your life is my life, contract killer, i'm a killer, it pays for me to let the gun blaze cause my life is takin your life, contract killer" and so on. It's late 90' rap song. It's been bugging me that i can't find it anywhere. If i could get some help that would be great, thanks.