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This is driving me nuts and has nothing to do with ad music, but just the ad itself.

The commercial, which is pretty recent, has children acting as adults in a workplace setting. Very cute.

Will someone please let me know what the ad is for? I am trying to locate a clip of this commercial to show a friend of mine who has not seen it yet.

Thanks so much and sorry for it not being about music.
The only specifics I recall from the commercial were when the girl says something like, you were at home watching Blue's Clues weren't you and the boy says they played the (whatever) episode eight times. (I remember that because I thought, sucks for you kid, you ditched work and all you got to do was watch the same cartoon over and over.)

Anyway, maybe is is for Nick in the Afteroon or the Cartoon Network.
I'm pretty sure I know what ad you're talking about ...

There's a small group of kids dressed, acting like, and talking like adults in an office setting ... they're shown in a cubicle area and a lobby area (near some elevators) ...
Some of the kids-as-adults are "hip" and then there's this one boy who's the "schlep" of the group (that some of the others are annoyed by and roll their eyes at) ...
Even though they're all talking like adults ... the subject matter of their talk is kid-centric ... I seem to recall one of the kids talking about catching some sort of cartoon marathon on TV at home (possibly mentioning "Spongebob") ...

I tried searching around Google for ya ...

I came across a reference to a Comcast On Demand ad ... however, I wasn't able to confirm it one way or the other ...

Does this sound like the same one?

I dunno ...

Good luck!

It is for Comcast OnDemand. "Get the shows your kids are watching with Comcast OnDemand" is the tagline, as I recall. And I agree, those commercials are very cute! I love the line, "Sorry... I've got a birthday thing." :p
It sounds like the reverse scenario of an ad that's on Noggin. In the one I am thinking of adults at work are doing childlike activites. For example one man calls tech support to fix his mouse (he had been trying to play one of the Noggin online games when it broke) and says "These Shapes Aren't Going To Sort Themselves!" Another scene has a woman at a meeeting showing the art she did online via the overhead projector. Possibly they did one the other way round? Esp. if it's showing Blues Clues since Noggin is a sister channel to Nickelodeon