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I think its the Pepsi one where they are all on the roof drinking singing. Something in the lyrics like "if I could buy the world a car"
Actually, the ad you're talking about is for Coke Zero. I think the worlds are actually "I'd like to buy the world a coke". I don't think it's an actual song, it was probably made just for the commercial. I would still maybe like to know who sings it though.
I knew it was somthing like that. Thanks!!

Even if it was written for the comercial Id still like to know who sang it...its kind of a catch tune.
I think they brought that song back from the dead! I seem to recall commercials in the late 80's with people singing how they'd like to "buy the world a Coke."

Edit: After doing some more searching it looks like they used it in the 70's too! It was first used in what was called the "Hilltop" ad. Here's a link to listen to the song from that original ad too. :nerd: :rolleyes:
If you are lookin for who sings it in the commercial, it's G. Love and Special Sauce.....and like you were sayin, the song was probably just for the commercial, but G. Love has some good cds with similar sound, if you like that style of music. Good luck ;)
what is the name of the song played on the zero coca cola comercial it goes like this " i'd like to teach the world to chill " "and chill within a while" can someone please tell me the name and who sings this song. Thanks
I'm glad to see that someone else has confirmed it as G. Love. My friends and I have been having an argument about it for the past several weeks.
There's this coke commercial where a bunch of people are sitting on a roof or something and this guys starts singing "I'd like to teach the world to chill" blah blah (i can't remember the rest) and then they all stand up and sing "It's the simple things" Does anyone know what the song is?
It the hands down worst remake of one of the greatest commercial songs of our time...
The original version of the song, "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)", from the 70's Coke commercial is by The New Seekers.
If you listen close to the ad, at the very end G Love says " this is G Love"
But you have to listen very close.
i love that 1 , i have it 2 its
I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke by Fifth Dimension

hope that helps lol