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what's that ad with the surfers and a girl narrating talking about making a good impression on the nearby guy surfer? it's for coke and it has a cool tune
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on this commercial a girl is surfing and you hear her talk and say something like "he doesn't know my name" and a few other things.. and at the end she uses his belt or something to open up her coca-cola and laughs...

please help me here, thanks
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no word on the song yet.
;) for the life of me searching for the song is what i would ask of you, if you happen to know the song, is just a cool beat to me, is a simple commercial, butthe tune makes it run smooth, anyone who knows the theme I'd appreciate to know it, can watch the ad by clicking they're links above.[/B]
Can anyone tell me what music is playing in the background of this commercial.

It's some chick and a guy surfer and then she does this totally cool *open the coke bottle* with your belt buckle thing.

Thanks :shifty:
I wrote to Coke through their web feedback form about the "Surfer Girl" ad music and received this reply:

The music in the ad is an original song produced by a studio artist. Contractual agreements with our ad agencies and the talent prohibit the distribution by The Coca-Cola Company of copies of the ad and/or music.

If you have additional questions or comments, please visit our Web site again.

The Coca-Cola Company
Industry and Consumer Affairs

Oh well. :(