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Ok, I only saw it once and expected to see it again... but with no luck. So from what I recall.... It has 3-5 teens to late adults with a car... showing them living their lives or on a road trip talking about either life or their goals or something... has some high toned guitar chords playing in the background... it sounds really familiar... it's a really well made happy commercial. Anyhelp would be appreciated... it's been driving me insane. Checked the coke site and didn't see the ad... strange. I am pretty sure it's coke, only other options are pepsi or Dr. pepper....

The commercial itself doesn't seem like it's an ad for a soda... i just watched it to see what it was advertising and was kinda let down that it was just for a soda because it seemed so epic, touching, and meaningful. Or if someone can find a link to teh commercial as well... that would be interspectacular.
It sounds like one of the 'Girl Band' commercials for Coke.

They feature an actual band from Ithaca in New York called KIEVAN RUS whose song 'Love is Pain' is also used as background music.

You can view the ads here.

Download the track here.
thanks but that wasn't it.

I don't remember anything about a band... coulda swore it was like 2 guys and 2 girls... and also it was a male narratting during the commercial. The car looked kinda like the one in the commercial i was thinking about.. dunno about any snow though...

Thanks for trying though...
I posted about this commercial months ago and nobody could help me, well they finally have it on their site.

Go to and to the right click on the new tv ads link.

Find the one where it's about the guys making the documentary, i've been seeing it on TV more as of late so hopefully you guys can find it on the site, there's only like 6 vids anyway.

What's the tune inthe back ground... i thought it was the instrumental for The Cars- Just what you needed... but I don't think so.

If you can figure this out, that would be great.



(it sounds really similar to the cars... but i just don't think it is... )