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does anyone know that name of the new coke comercial where poeple say put the lime in the coke, i dont want the "COKE" version i want the origional version where they say put the lime in the cocconut. thanks
Harry Nilsson does not do the song in the commercial however, as he states on his homepage:

Harry Nilsson Homepage

Here's what he says should that link die:

"In January of 2004, Coca-Cola began promoting it's new soft drink, Diet Coke with Lime, nationally using radio ads featuring the song "Coconut" . Although the performer sounds remarkably like Harry Nilsson, the new lyrics ("You put the lime in the Diet Coke ...") were sung by an artist hired by the ad agency (Grey Atlanta) which produced the commercials."
FYI, Harry doesn't actually contribute to his website. He died in 1994.
Ok. Just recently, for me at least, a new ad for Coca~Cola with Lime (New product, too... anyone tried it?) featureing a more upbeat and rocking version of Harry Nilsson's "Coconut", with the lyrics "Put the lime in the coconut ... other lyrics ... put the lime in the coconut." The visuals show a young man getting the idea, talking to his boss, and the new product hitting the market. Throughout, all that's playing is this song. At the last repetition there is a kareoke-style lyric thing on the bottom, with the words "Put the lime in the coke you nut" as though that's the lyrics.

I know who's done the original, but I want to know who did the more upbeat commercial version... Anyone know who else has covered the track?
No idea who performed the version in the commercial.

For a punk interpretation, check out the cover by FRED SCHNEIDER of The B-52's or, if you prefer something a little more mellow, try the acoustic version by DALE TURNER.
The "Put the lime in the Coke, you nut" ad is actually just a remix of the original Harry Nilsson song. The voice(s) and lyrics in the ad are the same as in the original, just stuck in a different order.

The only thing different about the Coke ad is the little beat they added to it, that's all. It's most likely a custom 30 second job rather than an actual full-blown remix.
Thank you both. The song in the ad sounds significantly differently balanced than Harry Nilsson, but I'll trust you. I havn't seen the ad since I DLed the Harry Nilsson version, so...

Again, thanks.
They're the exact same version. But I still haven't found the one by Fred Schneider ...