"Clipped" by Jynx in advert


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The song is called Clipped, by the band Jynx. I'm sure I've heard the first 5 seconds in the beginning of some advertisement. The song's from 2019 so there's only 4 years to go through, sort of.
Do you remember what was happening in the advert?
Unfortunately I don't remember much. I believe it was some sort of advert for either a festival or a brand of beer here in Portugal, but I have no idea. I think it started with a dark setting in the middle of a dry grass field and about 3 people gathered dancing with cups on their hands. I've been thinking of contacting one of the band's members that happens to own a pretty famous YouTube channel in hopes of him knowing if any of their songs was ever part of any sort of advertisement, as they would obviously know about it.