Classical piano music


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I did a search of the forum before posting this, but I wasn't able to find any results because I don't remember what the commercial was actually advertising.

The commercial was basically a guy who was supposed to be playing a concert, but woke up late and had to bike really quickly to get there on time. The music is played throughout the commercial as he tries to reach his destination as quickly as possible, until finally he arrives on stage and sits down at the piano to play for the waiting audience. It's some form of classical music, so there are no lyrics or anything.

I wish I could offer more information, but I actually haven't seen this commercial in a few years (they have by now stopped playing it), so I can't remember if they were advertising a bike, or shoes, or whatever else (hence why I didn't have enough information to perform a better search).
Sorry if there was already a post about this - if anyone can redirect me to another thread, that would be great.

Thanks, that's the commercial of which I was thinking.

I could try to figure out the music myself, now that I have that to go on, but if anyone can further my search I'd be very thankful.

Edit: I can't access the commercial, because I cannot become a member of AdForum, but thanks very much anyway.