Classic Rock/Psychedelic -- Answered


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I've got another one for you all! I've heard this song lots over the years, but I can't place who the artist is that does it...maybe Pink Floyd? The only part I can remember is at the end. The lyrics are of several guys shouting "Time" [i.e. "Time! (tick tock tick tock) Time! (tick tock tick tock) Time!"]
Sorry, someone else got me the answer shortly after I posted it here! The song is "Time Has Come Today" by The Chambers Brothers.
Ooooh! I haven't heard that one in a lonng time. Wasn't it used in a car ad a few years back? Or maybe it was a local ad for like Dimmitt Cadillac out in Clearwater or sumfin.
that is one of my favorite songs! joan jett did a cover of it!!!
I think I most recently heard it in car commercial as well. Maybe for Pontiac?? That's what jogged my memory, and got me thinking about it again. Joan Jett did a cover too? I may have to check that one out...