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i heard this song on the radio, it starts out with someone hitting a cowbell like 22 times in ten second(rather fast) and then this techno/cassio keyboard sounding trumpet noise kicks in. if you hear this trumpet part you'd be like "hey i know this part" and then this dude comes in singing. Its realyl deep voice and its hard to make out, i think hes singing "oh yeah baby, i am rocking", its really hard to make out. i heard it on a classic rock radio station and im pretty sure they used that trumpet part in a promo for 60's rock on the same station. oh yeah 1 more thing, when he sings he sings in like 3 word bursts, hope that helps.
"We're an American Band" Grand Funk Railroad ??? I figured you would probably have guessed this if you had heard the chorus... sweet cowbell though.
Originally posted by Brad Pittiful@Jun 1 2005, 03:37 PM
i gotta have more cowbell
:lol: Exactly what I was thinking.

"We need more cowbell. "
Don't Fear the Reaper, I can't hear that song now without hearing loud constant cowbell. Ever since that SNL skit, makes me laugh every time. :)
heh. this snl skit?

same site as the breakdancing guy with no limbz
:lol: :lol: I couldn't remember what she was talking about until that clip. :p
no thats not the song, i starts out wiht like a super fast cowbell jam and hten a guy wiht a super deep voice kicks in a sings, i think ill call my radio station it would be easier to make sounds to them, thanks though i love the speed of your responses.
so i emailed my radio station and they had two possibilaties, Low Rider by War, and Mississippi Queen by Mountain. It was infact Low Rider