Citibank identity theft


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These commercials have been around for several months, but no one I know can identify the ending music. It's just a simple sequence of piano chords behind someone whistling a jaunty little tune. I've heard the sequence of chords before (on a piece by an obscure Italian singer named Paolo Conte), but not the whistled tune; and the chord sequence is simple enough that it's probably been used many times. Anyone have a clue where this music comes from? Thanks!
is that the commercial with the asian guy cutting the paper into the dragon shape?
I think nycadre is talking about the ones that say, "$25,000.00 to finish my robot." "My girl robot." "This is gonna be the best prom ever." and "$1,500.00 for a leather bustier?" "I didn't care." "It lifts and seperates."
They're very funny but I've never noticed the music connected with them.
Givemfitz is talking about the ones I'm thinking of.

The commercials show someone boasting about all the money he/she has spent on assorted luxury goods, but the voice doesn't seem to match the appearance of the speaker; typically it's a man on screen but a woman's voice or vice versa. There's an on-screen caption on the order of "David B., Identity Theft Victim". The speech usually ends with something like "Why should I care? It's not *my* credit card!" And then the piano chords begin and the announcer pitches how Citibank credit cards offer better protection against identity theft.

I don't remember seeing one with "the asian guy cutting the paper into the dragon shape", but it's possible there's one like that in the series. If so, he'd probably be talking in a Brooklyn-accented woman's voice!

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I was just about to make a post inquiring about a Citi ad I saw this evening, Oct. 27, Mid-Atlantic East Coast, U.S., in which there's an old single engine plane flying overhead to the instrumental of acoustic guitar picking.

Anyone seen this ad? Sounds different from the one described herein. Shall I start a new thread?

I'd like to know if anyone recognizes the music. Thanks.
Sincere apologies. . .but it would be nice if a knowledgeable soul could provide a positive ID of the music. . . I assume there's no such luck just yet, and the search continues.