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I've seen a commercial for Citi and it has an asian man in it cutting a piece of paper into a beautiful design. It features a piano based song playing in the background.

Anyone know what the name of the song is & artist?

Thank you!
is the song fast or slow? i think i might know which one you're talking's sort of a slow waltz type of song?
YES! that song is so beautiful and I am also trying to find out what it is. I called Citibank's customer service number, and after waiting on hold for about ten minutes they had no idea what i was talking about. Oh well.
okay...i hope i'm thinking of the same song you are...but it's worth a shot. it might be "Trois Gymnopedies" and it's the first of the three entitled "Lent et Douloureux" by Erik Satie. I hope this is it. :)
After 3 days, someone from Citibank customer service actually CALLED ME BACK! Yes, i know...amazing. She said that she had researched it, and the song from the "Scissors" commercial was created specifically for that TV spot, so unfortunately there is not a recording of it available. She could not even tell me the composer's name. She could have been wrong though, so maybe I will check out that Satie piece anyway!
Hey what about the one where's there a black man and his son flying a kite
it's some classical sort tune that's featured on the commercial that I very much like
I believe it was symphonic music while the old guy cut the paper. At the end he unfolds the paper and I think it makes a dragon. It's from a couple of years back, again, I think.
I just want to know the name of the song playing during the Citi commercial with the asian man cutting a shape out of paper. The song has a piano in it and the man cutting the paper is going in fast motion. I don't know if the song is an actual song or just for the commercial.

Just saw the commercial while visiting my folks back home in New York. I really dig the piano tune while the Asian guy cuts a figure out of paper. I e-mailed Citibank about the commercial yesterday - hopefully they'll get back. I joined today because I was hoping somebody would know the song.

There is an Asain man cutting a piece of paper. The finish product was two dragons appearing to be kissing each other. I really would love if someone could help me figure out the paino music playing in the background. I really think that it is relaxing. Hope someone responds to this.
oops. I keep telling myself to search the forums to save other people a lot of trouble. sorry bout that. I thought this was a fairly new commercial. my bad.
What is the piano song playing in the citibank commercial with the asian guy cutting out a pattern in paper?
thx for showing me that that didnt help me or anyone else in that forum no one knew there.
what they are talking about is not it!
Is it sattle that it is not available anywhere? It is a really nice piece. No, it is not "Trois Gymnopedies". Trois Gymnopedies is for the other piece.
Anyone know the music they play in the Citi commercial with the guy making a snow flake towards the end??? thanks for all the input