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I saw this commercial once on the learning channel about 4 days ago. The commercial is an advertisment for CITI financial and features a middle-aged chinese gentlemen wearing glasses. The best way I can describe the commercial is the camera is positioned from the vantage point of a small child looking up to his chinese father. The chinese man is shown constructing an elaborate paper cut-out but the entire scene is fast-fowarded highlighting the great measure of time required.

There is a very delicate, fragile, quite beautifully woven piano piece that is playing - almost like a lullaby. If anyone know's the song name, author, composer etc.. I would be very grateful. I want to buy it so I can enjoy this remarkable piece.

Thanks in advance,
-vonnie :)
Another thread posed this question and is considered by some members to be answered. But without the composers name and title of the piece, I don't see how it can be considered answered. Just because it may have been written especially for the commercial, like the other thread suggests, doesn’t mean it has no name or composer. The commercial has been around for quite some time. And Citi keeps playing it, so it’s only going to generate more interest. So let’s keeps this thread alive until we get an answer. As a side note; the man in the commercial is Master Hou-Tien Cheng. A world-renowned Chinese-American artist.