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On the last few episodes, they played a song that had a guy saying something like "I can't control my world" or something or other. The style is kind of like dance. Any help would really be helpful.
there's this commercial playing on people&arts channel for the "cirque du soleil: fire within" show. for those who have seen the show, the commercial features oleg and tatiana dancing; for those who haven't seen the show, the commercial features a couple dancing in a very cirque fashion. the song that plays is one that i'm dying to find, because the feel of the song is just so cool. it's kinda angsty, very slow, feels like zero 7, it's a woman who sings, and the lyrics go something like this (not many lyrics, tho, it's quite a short commercial):

__________, i wish it wasn't like that
__________, i wish it wasn't like that

and that's all i can't make out of it, not sure if it's even accurate. but if someone can figure out which song i'm talking about and can tell me the name and performer or at least give me a hint that can make my search easier, i would really appreciate it.
thank you all,
yours truly.-
My first guess would be to check any Cirque soundtracks that go with the particular show being featured. Is it Vareikai (spelling?) being documented, or is it the new series coming on?
I'm looking for that song too!

I haven't been lucky though, but I know exactly which commercial you're talking about.. It's such a pretty song, I want to listen to it..

If you already found it, please let me know.. thanks :)
:woot: my first post! I forgot about these forums for some time..

From the Cirque Du Soleil album Alegria, the song is also called Alegria. has a sample that you can listen to.
I'm listening to the song and I'm afraid it isn't the one we were looking for.. :( I'll try all the Alegria OST songs to see if I spot it..

Thanks anyway :)
I feel guilty for bumping this, but I'm still interested in finding this song..

It wasn't any of the songs mentioned here, it's not on the sountrack for Varekai or Allegria.. and I have the feeling it's not even an original Cirque du Soleil song..

It really does sound like Zero 7, but it isn't.. Hm :(
This will be hard to find because most downtempo/electronica artists don't have their lyrics posted on the web. You could try Sia Fuller who does vocals for Zero 7 but has released her own albums as well. I can't find any online samples of her songs though.
Thanks guys.. the song's still missing, though.. I've tried everything :/

Heh, I saw the commercial a about a week ago (they're not showing it as often too :( ) and the lyrics posted here are a little bit wrong.. I can't remember them correctly, but it was something like:

We all wished it wasn't like that..

I have terrible memory, hehe.

I appreciate the help so far :)
Okay, I saw tonight's episode and the song was on again :(

I copied the lyrics.. I hope they're more accurate:

Do we all, wish it wasn't like that.
Do I wish, wish it wasn't like that.

It even sounds like she says 'wish it wasn't like it' sometimes..

This is bugging me way too much, hehe :/
I've looked for the lyrics again, and still can't find anything..

Have you tried contacting the Network that broadcasts the show?
Cirque Fire Within Question

In one episode, there is this song thats really slow, really purdy, and the lyrics are something like

"I like your bluebirds
"You like my blue skys"

At first I thought it was from Rent, but I don't think so now
Please Help!
Is this the song that goes "and the world keeps spinning around... and around"? That's on a Cirque du Soleil commercial, but I don't know which one.