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I've been seeing this commercial during the olympics. It's for celebrity cruises and cirque du soleil, and has a violin playing the main part.
A light shimmers and reflects on all these people that run out to a dock to see a giant cruise ship.
Is the song from that commercial an actual song? or just something for the commercial. and does anyone know the name?
Do you know if it's a song from cirque du soleil? and if so which cirque du soleil show?
unfortunately i do not know. Sounds like it could be? has that same kind of... feel to it. hey whattya know the commercial just came on as i was writing this :p
I e-mailed Cirque Du Soleil about the music. They told me that it was not from them, but from the movie soundtrack of "Sex and Lucia". Actually she said the name of the song was "Sex and Lucia", but when I ran a search for it, all I got was infor on the movie, so I'm assuming that it is in the soundtrack. Hope this helps.
good work, texas toast~! :) i've been wondering about this as well. i went on your clue and checked out the soundtrack, and i think it might be track #6, "puede habiar contigo?", from what i heard...have a listen and see what you all think...
yes!! it was "Puedo hablar contigo" from the Sex and Lucia soundtrack.


Hi all,

I've been lurking for a while but got lured out by this ad - I was watching MSNBC just now and there showed an ad for the new cirque du soleil celebrity cruises project. It shows a number of people looking at a new giant cruise ship in awe.. The music sounds like a classical piece, possibly mainly done by a violin? Thanks for everyone's time!