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This is really bugging me for over a month now. There's this PT Cruiser commercial and can't figure out the artist or song (if there is one). The song goes like "I want to live, I want to breathe; I want to go where no one else has been; for every second.... " Its a rock kind of tune and has two PT Cruisers speeding side by side in a desert. It could be just a Canadian commercial or not. Anybody seen this or any clue what the tune is?

I think it's a canadian commercial, I'm not certain though. I thought it was a toyota song. :( Ah well, thanks for reminding me. If anyone knows the name of the song, I will truly appreciate it!
"I want to live, I want to breathe,
I want to go where no on else has been,
and every second, that I'm alive
I want to show the world how to drive;

I want to live, I want to breathe,
I want to go where no on else has been,
and every second, that I'm alive
I want to show the world how to drive..

Lala la laa la la..."
With lyrics like "I want to show the world how to drive" I highly suspect this song was composed just for the ad...

But, I haven't seen the ad (it's showing in Canada, right) so I can't be sure...
Anyone recognize the music from the current PT Turbo (Cruiser) commercial? It sounds like Celine Dion with a "boy band" back-up.
The song is "Love Is All We Need" which is the 2nd track of the album "One Heart" by Celine Dion.
ahh... makes sense that it'd be celine, since all their other ads feature her music. i'm surprised the lyric searches didn't bring her up though. :unsure:
Dang, I looked at that thread before I posted to. Thanks Michelle. It is definately "Love is all we Need" by Celine, but a remix I think (as far as I can tell).
<_< Crashman is probably right that this is a Canadian commercial... and I think he has the lyrics from what I can hear in the commercial. But this is definately not Celine Dion. I don't believe she has done any Canadian commercials for Chrysler (although I don't watch that much t.v to know for sure). I have searched high and low for this tune and can't find anything. I am afraid it is a commissioned piece. :(

I think it is definately "Love Is All We Need" by Celine Dion. I am referring to the PT Cruiser Turbo ad (two Cruisers side by side in the desert). Its not a strictly Canadian ad. I live in Ohio
I think there is a Canadian version and an American version of the same commercial. The one I am referring to is for the 2003 PT Turbo (two PT's racing in the desert) but the music in it certainly doesn't match the sample found on the link that was posted for Dion's album. Either that or the sample is too short to here the lyrics and the tune heard in the commercial crashman and myself are referring to.
:blink: I'm not too sure about the year it ran. 2002 or 2003. I believe it was the summer. It was a PT Cruiser commercial. It contained a group of 30 something people opening up the back and getting out picnic baskets. They were parked on a grassy park area. The song was sang by a woman. Kinda R&Bish or maybe pop. sorry that's all I can remember. This song has been in my head forever. I have posted to other sites in the past but never any luck. HELP!!!! :lol: Thank you!!!!!!!!