Children (trance remix) by Robert Miles


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in this song they have a familiar song n the back ground being played by a piano, i know i have heard this song from somewhere but i cant think of it and its drving me FREAKIN nuts, if anyone can help me at all to releave this burden it would be greatly appriciated.
mmm i'll have to get back to you on that one...i just remember when it came out, where i was at the time, it was together with the x-files theme. maybe it just sounds similar to his song "fable"?? :confused:
I'm pretty sure "Children" is an original composition by Robert Miles.
it is, but theres a song in the background being played by a piano that is very familiar to me and it probably wasent his cause i only heard of him last night, but its the trance remix so maybe it doesnt have it in the original?
By trance remix do you mean the version by 4 Clubbers? The original song came out in '95 or '96 so it's very possible you heard it somewhere before stumbling upon this remix. Check out the Original Version or the Dream Version on this cd.
yeah. the music in children was written by robert miles. I agree with dj flowers... You probably heard one of the many remix's before.

i just heard the (trance remix). they just put a little spin on the piano.
i was thinking about that but i also keep thinking ive heard this song from a tv show or more acurately a video game but maybe im just nuts and having one of those deja vu song things where u think uve heard a song but really havent, but my bro recognized it to so i dont think so and he remebers it as a video game thing aswell