Chevy or Dodge


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I was watching a truck commercial, I think it was Chevy...the music sounded a lot like the intro to a Led Zeppelin song, the fast drums...and it cuts off right before Plant would be singing...I thought that Led Zeppelin did not "sell out" like that...but are there different rules when it is only the intro (and then you can get someone else to do it) and the it is not actually a melody at that point yet?

Just wondering...
Cadilac has been using the original version of Led Zep's "Rock & Roll" (with added effects like flanger or something) for their ads for like 2 years now. So yeah the living Led Zep guys have "sold out". The ad's slogan is "Break on Through" or something, seems like the Doors' song would have been better but I guess Cadilac couldn't get that song.
oh, it is Cadillac...Well I was watching the extra features on School of Rock, where Jack Black says that Led Zeppelin was notorius for not selling out of their catalog, but by begging in front of 1000 people, while videotaping it, Jack Black got permission to use a song in the movie...
Back in the 80's, Robert Plant was in a Coke commercial singing his song "Tall Cool One".