Chevy HHR "Music Revolution"


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Just recently I saw a commercial for the Chevy HHR. The commercial featured a metallic orange model and the views kept moving and changing in the pattern of a kaleidoscope. I really liked the music though, but I have no idea who the artist is or the title of the song. I recall the words "start a (some descriptive word) revolution", but thats all that was said or atleast what I could understand of it. Can anyone help me out?
The Sweet's not it. this is newer.

Not a moment too soon, but like the sun and the moon
Not a moment too soon, but like the sun and the moon

Let's start a music revolution now
Let's start a music revolution now

Sounds like a poppier Jet or maybe like if Dandy Warhols had a baby with some more layered techno.

Visuals are very reminiscent of the spec iPod mini ad that went around a few months ago with "Tiny Machine" by the Darling Buds.

Love to know the song...

oh yeah, i just saw the ad! cool song; would also like to know it!
Just did a little Googling cuz I liked the song too! ...

Got an answer ...

The Scumfrog - "Music Revolution" - CD: Extended Engagement
There are different remix versions of this song however ...
The closest one I think is the Planet Funk Remix ...

You can listen here



There you go.
does anyone know the name of the groovy song in the current Chevrolet commercial for the HHR ?
The only lyrics I could make out are " ...the moon and the sun" and " ...start a music revolution" and it's a pretty uptempo tune.
Thanks for any help you can give me! :D
I answered this already ...

The Scumfrog - "Music Revolution" (methinks the "Planet Funk remix") - CD: Extended Engagement


There you go.
I am very sorry that I cannot explain the song or the commercial that well.

It was a frutopia like commercial (weird pictures sliding together).

The pictures were all trucks.

The song in the background was something like "gotta get somethin to move" or something along the lines of that.

In the end it showed the letters "HHR"

I would please like to have the song, if it is possible.
This is the best forum ever...;)

I knew I just had to come here to find the song that was playing on that HHR commercial.

This place always has an answer.
Yes it is. I am very sorry, I did not see either of the other topics. I will look more thoroughly next time. And thankyou btw.
There was a car commercial where there is an SUV, and they kind of swirl it around the screen, a bit psychedelic and such. It was a dark orange color. Anyways, I didn't manage to catch the name of the car or the car maker, unfortunately, but I did catch two lines of the song:

Not a moment too soon
We're like the sun and the moon

I've googled it several times, but can't seem to find it...can anyone help me out here?
Great tune if you haven't heard the music backing Chevrolet's new HHR vehicle. Would love to know more about the song if anyone happens to recognize.
Hmm... I believe that one has already been answered here. It is "music revolution by scumfrog (planet rock remix)" At least I am pretty sure that's it. Good luck.