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Hi all, I hope this question hasnt already been answered, I did a search and nothing relevant came up so i hope Im first to ask this:

There is a new Chevy Aveo commercial out with an old woman eyeing a new Aveo. She imagines she steals the car and manages to pick up a good looking guy with the car and so on.
Anyways Im looking for the song played in the commercial with a male voalist
Any help would be great!

wats that song with the old woman jackin that car from the chick, sumone better reply or else :angry:

dont take too long tho
Something like "I just can't stop feeling you, you make my world spin".
This is the funniest commercial I've ever seen. Ever.
I remember the singer has a really low voice, the song is pretty upbeat (kinda sounds like a mexican fiesta or something, but NOT mexican music lol) and I remember the lyrics going something like, "me an mah babeh, me an mah bebeh . . . you make mah world spin . . . " (lmao I tried to show pronounciation)

Ya but I so would like to know who did the song, I hope this helped a bit. :whistle:
Everyone else seems to remember more lyrics than me because all I can remeber is "And I just cant stop...."
I have some really bad news. I also really like that song, and no answers were forthcoming here, so I emailed General Motors, and this is what they said:
The music is not a commercially available piece. It was
arranged specifically for our commercial. The talent would be studio
session talent coordinated by Cossette and the music house.

Lesley Trafton
Internet Correspondent
I'm so bummed :(

Thanks for coming back and letting us know what you heard. :)
I know this probably doesn't matter anymore, because the song is only 30 seconds long and is not commercially available, but for those of you who actually care, I found out a bit more about the song. I got a reply from the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center, telling me the custom-made tune is called "Don't Dream" and is made by Studio Apollo in Montreal. But for those of you actually trying to get your hands on a full-length version of this, I guess the only thing you could do is compliment Studio Apollo (@ ) and hope that they get enough (overwhelming) interest to consider making a full version of it.

I'm really dismayed that DVD compilations and soundtracks aren't made of the commercials that people actually like in today's media. There are so many good ads on tv that deserve to be treated more like artwork. If they made a DVD of all of this year's clever car commercials, I know I would definitely buy it. (Or they could be generous and give them out with pamphets at the GM dealerships.)