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There's a commercial, I think it's for chase bank, where a girl calls home to say she has an exam and can't make it home. her mom says she can use her credit card if she changes her mind. she decides to surprise her family and uses the credit card to buy a plane ticket. Her mom get's a message on her cell phone saying $200 was charged to her credit card. Then the mom plans a surprise party for the girl. All throughout the commercial a song is playing. It's called "Gimme Little Sign". The part they play on the commercial goes "You be there when I look around. Just gimme some kind of sign girl, oh my baby, to show that you're mine girl, alright." It's a cover of the original song, but I can't seem to find out who sings the version on this commercial. Does anyone know? Thanks.

Hello, im looking for the name of the the song on a Chase bank commercial I just saw. It was about a daugther who couldn't come home for her birthday. but her mother figured out she would be coming home and set up a surprise party for her.

There was a Chase credit commercial (I think) that was on in July (I think), and for some reason I have the music stuck in my head now. It showed a girl who said she couldn't be home for her birthday. She then flew home anyway to surprise her parents, but they surprised her because they saw the charge on the credit card report. I'm sure you've all seen it. I really appreciate your help!
Thank you!

I saw the date of the other thread said October 5, 2005! I must have a better si=ong memory than I think, I could've sworn it was more recent. :p