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saw Bill Murray today. i was walking down town, and there he was, coming out of a bar.. his hair has gone completely white! :p

others i have seen: Freddie Mercury, Leno, Seinfeld, and John Kerry...

forgot Dave Chapelle... he was in line right in front of me in a Winn Dixie store in gainesville!!

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Oh boy... I need to hear about Freddie Mercury!! I adore him. :wub: When did you see him? Where? How? details details details!

Celebrities I've seen. Well, lots from going to TV Show tapings here in town. Governor Arnold was eating in the same restaurant as I was when I was visiting NYC once. Tom Arnold and Deidra Hall at the same restaurant. Others just around town here in Burbank have been Jay Leno, Tiffani Amber Theisen, Sean William Scott, Richie Sambora, Lex Luther from Smallville... others I've forgotten. I usually see them at the grocery store.
i NEVER see anyone. but YEAH!!! i wanna hear about freddie mercury!!!! was it before or after his mustache??
Hmmm, nothing too exciting but I see Mia Farrow and Conan O'Brien at the grocery store all the time :rolleyes:
Back in August, I saw Nicolas Cage walking with his wife (she looked 20). It was kinda weird cuz it wasn't in the city but in a residential working class neighborhood. Probably a movie shoot.
Originally posted by michelle+Nov 8 2004, 12:11 AM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (michelle @ Nov 8 2004, 12:11 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>Oh boy... I need to hear about Freddie Mercury!! I adore him. :wub: When did you see him? Where? How? details details details!

@Nov 8 2004, 12:16 AM
i wanna hear about freddie mercury!!!! was it before or after his mustache??[/quote]
it was in bombay during the mid eighties. i was there to see one of my relatives off, who was flying to the middle east. we were at a this restaurent near the airport. i saw him sitting alone, with a coffee and a newspaper. i asked my brother, "isn't that freddie mercury?" "who?" "you know, the guy from queen?" "what is queen?" "remember live aid? the funny guy who sang 'heey ohhh' 'hey olioliolioooh' " "oh yeah..." by then FM finished his coffee and stood up.. so i went to him, asked in broken english, "are you freddie mercury i like your work " or something like that... he said thanks, smiled at me, put his hand on my shoulder and kinda shook me. and walked out. i don't think anybody there knew who he was.

he grew up in bombay, so may be he was there to see relatives or friends... i'm pretty sure the band wasn't there, or we would've heard.

and steph, he had a moustache... :)
Originally posted by ledzepgrl@Nov 8 2004, 12:19 AM
I see Mia Farrow and Conan O'Brien at the grocery store all the time :rolleyes:
they do groceries together? :D
*le sigh* man, i love freddie mercury. i still get sad about him...that's so cool you met him and he was totally cool!!
Originally posted by leone@Nov 7 2004, 08:30 PM
I saw Nicolas Cage walking with his wife (she looked 20).
that's cause she actually is 20! :lol:
My heart is actually fluttering right now! omg. FREDDIE MERCURY! You spoke to FREDDIE MERCURY!

<--- faints.

Such a shame to have lost him. It still makes me sad. :( Have you guys ever listened to their final CD, "Made in Heaven." It's so heartbreaking to hear Mercury's voice when you realize he was so close to death during what parts he was able to record. It's really eerie to listen to.

JCA and I think there should be a movie made about his life. The other day he mentioned Johnny Depp as a good Mercury. I think he could pull it off.
I met David Letterman in a mall in a suburb of Cleveland, OH -- he was there for the oppening of the Improv in Cleveland -- I asked him what he was doing there -- he said he was buying some ladies underware, and did I want any?

Also Met Bono and Adam after a U2 show in 1985. Same with the members of REM.
BONO!! :wub: :wub:

I had a friend in high school who's cousin supposedly had an affair with Bono (in my heart I don't wanna believe it) and she has a answering machine message where he's telling her to call him. I never heard it though.

I saw Lindsey from MMC (circa 1990-ish) at a mall in Orlando. (Hey, y'all remember The Party??)

I saw Hulk Hogan once at a restaurant in Seminole, FL, near where he lives. My grandma was actually the one who pointed him out to us.

I saw Stevie Wonder surrounded by an entourage a few years ago at Downtown Disney.

This one time when I was 15 my family was at a natural springs park in Orlando and I was playing with my baby brother when this fleet of helicopters flew overhead and landed in the park.. come to find out it was Vice President (at the time) Gore giving a speech right there at the springs. At the time I didn't have even the tiniest interest in politics so I have no clue what he said, but I remember shying away when he was walking around shaking everyone's hands. I think my plan was to look too cool to pump hands with a politician, but he looked at me and smiled and held out his hand, so I took it. And he looked right into my eyes and shook it, saying "I'd like to thank you for taking the time to listen." He has blond eyelashes. I really liked him a lot..

When I was in high school I was friends with a really sweet girl named Julia Coulmas, who is a professional opera singer with this.. *MIND BLOWING* voice. Whenever our chorus group would travel to Disney or Sea World or Six Flags or wherever all, we'd sometimes run around going "Oh my god isn't that Julia Coulmas, the famous opera singer??" and point to her, and folks'd run over and ask for her autograph. :)
saw redman and methodman at six flags this last summer
Originally posted by dascoot@Nov 8 2004, 04:34 AM
(Hey, y'all remember The Party??)
:blush: I have their CD. I love them! :lol:

Back on topic: I've never seen anyone famous. :(
I saw Claire Danes and Michelle Williams shopping together in Soho last year. I have been on airplanes with Ted Kennedy and Dick Gephardt, flying out of DC.
Well, you guys are lucky. We don't see many celebrities here in Oklahoma. I did however go to high school with Joe Diffie Jr. and I knew Isaac Hanson before he became famous. That's about it for me though. A friend of mine's family is extremely close with Frank Abignale Jr. (from Catch Me if you Can.) But I've never had the chance to meet him. Hopefully some day.
My mom met Fondsie (don't know real name) from Happy Days. Other than that idunno, I saw Culpepper from the Minnesota Vikings in a resteraunt once. And my second cousin dated Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves.
speaking of ex-presidents (vice or otherwise), i saw reagan fly in on one of those helicopters when he was visitng my home city. it was ages ago, i was still in elementary school, but i remember he landed, stepped out and waved, got back in and flew off. he wasn't around long enough to speak.

i also met a handful of astronauts -- john glenn. buzz aldrin, neil armstong, alan sheppard -- that's what living in a NASA town gets you, i suppose. i met three of them when i went to space camp one year, the last at a book signing.
i met joey lawrence once and i have the picture to prove it!!!! who's jealous of me?!!! just kidding......
Originally posted by a_iver@Nov 8 2004, 01:20 PM
My mom met Fondsie (don't know real name) from Happy Days.
Henry Winkler, I believe