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I saw the new Catwoman trailer (still looks like crap) attached to Spidey 2. It kind of had a rock/industrial/metal soundtrack to it. Wondering whether anyone knows who made it?

Sorry, I can't find the new trailer on the net yet... :ph34r:
I was going to say that it sounded very similar to E.S. Posthumus' 'Pompeii' however now that I look at it, it's close but not the same.

Catwoman trailer can be found here.
Thanks Exile, however, thats the older trailer. The new one (I think only at the movies at this point) is longer, and shows more of the story.
In one of the more recent tv comercials for the Catwoman movie, it starts off with an instrumental (maybe with some sort of choral thing going on) that has a dark, creepy kind of feel to it, somewhat similar to something from Edward Scissorhands. Does anyone know what this song is?
Thanks...but again, the music I'm talking about is not on the Catwoman trailer posted above. Its on the longer one playing in theatres right now....sounds more like it could come from a band. Sounds very similar to "Curve" or "Agent Provocatuer". :(

According to soundtracknet the following songs have been used in the catwoman trailers:
"Cry For A Hero" - Brand X
"I Wear My Skin" - One Minute Silence
"No Pulse" - Brand X
"Terminal Bliss" - Brand X
Thanks Rocksteady! I'll give those a shot!
Here's the trailer you are talking about Red Catwoman Trailer . To me it's various music attached to the trailer but i do know that the song near the end is on one of the first Spider-Man movie trailers.
Wait I'm wrong about that last part it's actually on the Spider-Man 2 trailer it starts when everyone tells him he's late (the music at the end of the Catwoman trailer) the trailer I posted a link to above. Anyways the song I'm talking about is by Celldweller and is titled Switchback (Instrumental).
Metamorphis, you nailed it! Celldweller is the one! Thank you!! :lol:
No need to thank me. Just helping a fellow person to find that trailer music. I know how hard it can be, but you're welcome.
Ok, the commercial is a Catwoman trailer, and it sounds like a pop song..and it also sounds like theres instruments like cellos or violins..and i believe theres a female singer(s) :(
It's a newer version of Britney Spears "Outrageous" it should be out as a single on the 20th if I'm correct.
Yeah what's the name of the song on the new catwoman trailer? It's the same song as in the spiderman 2 trailer when he's swinging between the truck, it's driving me mad so any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!
Sorry, no that's not the one I'm looking for, that's the song from the first spiderman trailer, not from the catwoman and spiderman 2 trailer, but I appreciate the response
Oh yeah, sorry about that, it's Switchback Instrumental by Celldweller.