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Saw the movie yesterday, enjoyed it. In one of the earlier scenes, a group of "street racer" cars appears and this rap song is playing. I dug it, but can't find it anywhere. It's not on the official soundtrack.
I saw the movie (and loved it), but I don't remember any rap... do you have any more details?

It's the part where Mac is driving Lightning to California for the tie-breaker race. He's falling asleep because Lighting wouldn't let him rest, and a gang of street racer cars (one of them bright green featuring a hilariously tall spoiler) approaches him. The result of their toying with Mac is that Lighting gets let out of the trailer and thus gets lost in Radiator Springs...

When these cars first appear in this scene one of them is blaring music. This is the song I'm talking about. It had a really nice beat.
In the film Cars, a van wakes up every morning to a great rendition of the Star Spangled Banner on electric guitar. Anyone know who plays that rendition of the anthem? I have a version of the Star-Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix, and it doesn't sound the same, so I don't think it was the version by Hendrix that they played in the movie. But maybe I'm wrong and it was Hendrix. Anybody know for certain who it was?
Duh. It's only the most famous version of the song! :rolleyes: He's a hippie. Of course he listens to Hendrix.
Does anyone know the name of the instrumental song that one of the hot rod cars play to try to make the truck fall asleep?
What's that rap tune playing while those tuner cars and the "snot rod" first appear and come up along side Mack before DJ plays that one Kenny G tune. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
The song is called "Rollin' in the Rearview" by Jabu. Sadly I can't find anywhere to buy or download it. Sorry.
In the movie cars, there's a hippie van and every morning he listens to a hendrix song, does anyone kknow what this song is called