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Hi I am looking for the song from the new Carnival Cruise Lines commercial.

It goes something like "Come sail with me...."

Very loungey type song, like a wayne newton sort of song.
Yes that's the right song, but I agree it's not the original singer. I almost am tempted to say it could be Kevin Spacey, but I'm pretty sure it's not even him. :unsure:
Hello! Anyone have a lead on the artist who is singing the "Beyond The Sea" song?
It's a more modern version of the Bobby Darin arrangement.

Harry Conick Jr. maybe? Thanks!
Hmm, I thought the one in the commercial was Bobby Darin but you're probably right.

I don't think it's Harry Connick Jr, though.
Thanks for the tips! I have listed from Song Search Boby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Robbie Williams and Kevin Spacey. The one used in the ad sounds a bit more warmer, so it may be Kevin Spacey.
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Still not positive it's Kevin Spacey, but I haven't seen the ad in awhile. :unsure: