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Anybody heard the music in the commercial for Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum? Its orchestral, very powerful and bold. Sounds as if it could be a soundtrack from a film, perhaps. Thanks!
I was watching tv when I come upon the Captain Morgan's rum commercial where all these people in different occupations (like a dentist) are standing with their knees bent like the Captain on the bottle. Meanwhile to contrast with the goofiness of the situation in the background is playing a majestic orchestral theme. Ive heard this theme before on a show for the Yankees Sports network but Ive never been able to pinpoint it before. Any help would be welcome.
Someone asked this question a couple of weeks ago but received no response.

I have managed to track down the ad here.

Sounds like it might be from a movie soundtrack but beyond that I have no idea.
Not sure, but it sounds like something from a movie soundtrack. Kind of a John Barry flavor to it.
Composed exclusively for the ad I'm afraid:

Thank you for taking time to contact us regarding Captain Morgan. We appreciate hearing from our consumers, whether comments are complimentary or critical, because your feedback is important.

The song in the 'Got a little Captain in them" spot is an original score produced exclusively for this advertising campaign. At this time, this song is not available to the general public.

Once again, thank you for contacting us regarding Captain Morgan.

Nicholas L
Captain Morgan Consumer Representative

Drink Responsibly - Captain's Orders!
Interesting for them to say that. Yesterday, I was watching the Yankeeography for Mickey Mantle (produced about 2 years ago) and the song in this commercial was definitely in the Yankeeography.

The song in the 'Got a little Captain in them" spot is an original score produced exclusively for this advertising campaign. At this time, this song is not available to the general public.
It could have just come from a music library CD that is sold "royalty free" to be used in various forms of media by anyone. So, it's possible that the song "created just for them" is their way of saying it only exists in 30 second form and isn't by any marketed band.
Sorry for bumping this thread here... but I also love this music cue... it really does sound right from a film trailer.... why can't they tell us the composer? I highly doubt it was from a royalty free recording.... the quality of the composing and the expense of the full orchestration suggests this was done by a talented film composer, perhaps well-known, who was commissioned specifically for the job as the email reply suggests.

There is a cue in the 2003 film version of Peter Pan, soundtrack by James Newton Howard, in the track titled "Please Don't Die" around the 28 second mark, that sounds remarkably similar to the Capt Morgan ad's theme... same chord progression and very similar orchestration. Remarkably similar. Not as good but pretty close. Check it out.

I'm gonna open this one up again...I just heard this same song on a Foster's Beer commercial...exact same without a it can't be a completely proprietary composition as I know that Foster's and Capt. Morgan's are not owned by the same parent company. Let's keep going on this.
Originally posted by mattt1986@Nov 29 2005, 10:19 PM
Just heard it again on a South Park teaser...that's 4 confirmed locations that this song has been featured in. Believe it or not, I've actually dedicated a website to finding this song. Check it out.
Maybe you want to start a new thread for it...anyone browsing this one will think it is solved when it clearly isn't.
Rosnick Mackinnon Webster in Toronto did the sound on this ad. The music is actually from a stock music library. Sorry
i want this song, i was going to request this song a long time ago, ive heard it on a movie and i knowi heard it on yankeeography... i just dont know why they cannot release this music to people even if it was made in a dumb library
POST BUMP. Yes, we are still out here looking for this song. I keep hearing things like "you can't find out what it is, you can't get it, sorry sorry." BS. I'm gonna keep looking till I find it. Don't forget that I've got a website devoted to this song, with information about it and current updates. It can be found HERE

Also, you can email me at if you have information. Let's keep working at this, at least we have an inkling of where it's coming from.

well if this is from a stock library, then we have to find out what library it is from. Its not a big deal to get songs from a library. Maybe ASCAP has resources for tracking down info on stuff like this?