Calvin Klein "Eternity Moment" Scarlett Johansson


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this commercial has this really gorgeous blonde girl and this brunette guy, and in the beginning of the commercial they're kissing and the girl says in the background "just one moment can change everything"
and then with the instrumental music, it shows scenes of their relationship.

yeah, it's a new perfume:
it's "eternity moment".. not just "eternity" so don't confuse it for one of those commecials.

it's pretty new, i just started seeing the commercials 5 days, and it's been going on and on.

the music is completely instrumental, and really dramatic, but beautiful.
oh man you're right!

umm.. here's a picture for anybody that might need a little reminder as to how the couple look like in the commercial.

Originally posted by sophist@Sep 10 2004, 05:54 PM
Has anyone been able to track down the music yet?
I've looked, found nothing... :(

ok heres the story.
i was at the movies watching spanligh and you all know how they have those advertisments before the movie. one of them was this calvin klein eternity commercial, with this blonde girl, shes famous actress, i think her name is Scarlett Johansson. anyways they are playing some instrumental music, kind of like classical or something. all i know is that she says in the beginning " one moment can change everything" and then it shows how she meets some guy and they fall in love and then shows the CK product. the whole commercial is in black and white.

anyone know the music?

thanks in advance
so this song was made for the commercial. gonna be hard to download. which basically means i won't be able to get it.
thanks for all of the info though :D :)
i'll just play the song over and over :p

Hi im looking for the song used the eternity moment commercial with scarlett johnanson, any help is appreciated, thanks
thanks for the reply but it was just more people asking each other which song it was, and still have yet to find out, anbody else?

The Calvin Klein 'Eternity-Moment' commercial was composed by Jonathan Florencio (Flow) through Face The Music NY.

The music won the LIAA (London International Advertising Awards 2005) for 'Best Original Music Composition'.

The spot features Scarlett Johansson from 'Lost In Translation, A Love Song For Bobby Long, etc'

For more info, goto: