calvin klein

  1. S

    Calvin Klein Collection

    Does anyone know the song in this commercial?
  2. Lmo

    Calvin Klein Zoe Saldana

    I love the chill music in Zoe Saldana's campaign for the new Calvin Klein underwear (Envy) line, in the following threads. They are in order of what I find more pleasing sound wise but really would like to know if anyone has a clue of the musical Artists / Composers behind the follwoing ads...
  3. Y

    Calvin Klein Euphoria

    Hi, Does anyone know what music is used in de new Calvin Klein Euphoria commercial? Thanks in advance!
  4. J

    Calvin Klein Euphoria

    what song is played on the commercial i am just dying to know someone please help me out
  5. I

    Calvin Klein "Eternity Moment" Scarlett Johansson

    this commercial has this really gorgeous blonde girl and this brunette guy, and in the beginning of the commercial they're kissing and the girl says in the background "just one moment can change everything" and then with the instrumental music, it shows scenes of their relationship. yeah, it's...
  6. L

    Calvin Klein Eternity

    Just wondering if anybody knows this commercial? It's for Calvin Klein Eternity, and has black and white video of a young family singing. All I can remember is "love..sweet love.." Just want to know if anybody knows the song? thanks!