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OK, I saw another Cadillac commercial tonight during the Pats/Jaguars game. It was for a Cadillac Escalade, and it had a really hot dark-haired girl with an accent talking about how one of the most important features women wanted in a car was cupholders. Anyway, there was some great electronic music in the commercial. Anyone else see it and recognize the music?

Thanks in advance.
The song is called "Genesis" by Justice. Justice are a couple DJs from Paris. They have a killer record out. I liked the ad a lot too.
Hey, does anybody know the song used in the Cadillac Escalade commercial that went on right at the end of the super bowl?
Bump! I am looking for this one too! Male driver says he if his caddy had a bathroom in it he would sleep in it!
"Genesis" by Justice, from the album Cross (a.k.a. ).

Get it at Amazon (as a DRM-free MP3, even!) or.
There were two different versions of the ad shown during the game (one with a male narrator, one with a female), but both used the same music.
hey.. i been looking for this song i think you all have been looking for.. i been using adtunes to find music too.. and have been haunted by this song but i think i can be proud and confident enough to say i think the song is..

Justice - Genesis (and yes it does sound techno)..

i am almost definiate this is the song.. please tell me im right..

actaully no.. i had a weird revelation.. thats how i figured it.. i had the justice d.a.n.c.e. song and i recently downloaded the justice remix of justin timberlake's lovesong by justice and that sound it sounded so signature to how the commerical sounded so i took a guess i bought the justice "cross" cd and first track their it was.. i was like crap what a slap to the face.. there it was..
another wierd thing was after looking them up on wikipedia it says they used the song on a escalade commercial.. that was one thing i was so lost on.. i thought it was another brand of cadillac not escalade.. so that through me off..
It the new commercial with Sofia Vergara talking about woman who buy cars for the cup holder. There's a song that plays at the end. Does anyone know it?
hi! im not sure what the car is, but theres an awsome techno song at the end of this commercial. its thsi guy driving around through the city at night and he sayss like "if it had a bathroom id live in it."
if anyone knows what the music is please share. thanks :)
There has been a commercial for the new 2008 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid running lately with a really catchy-awesome Funk Electronic song in it. I couldn't find a link to the commercial or anything, but this video has the song in it: (Pretty cool video btw :p )

Anybody seen this commercial and know what the song is?

Thanks! :D
woooooops lol, I didn't realize they used the same song in multiple commercials.

I searched for Cadillac and didn't come with Hybrid, so I assumed.

sorry! :p