Buick LaCrosse

Oh wow that is the song but it doesn't sound like them that's what made me soo confused :D thanks thanks thanks!!
whats the song (a bit of a rock riff) in the buick ad where this woman moves in front of different coloured buicks with different coloured dresses on...

I HATE this song. Anytime it comes on with this ad being it TV or the radio I immediately change it, turn it down or mute it.


Reminds me of bad times.

Not sure why, but just hate it.

I hate it so bad I want to write to the car company to stop it.
I Think Its GM Or Somthing, The Commercial Uses Like Fantisy Images With Like A Little Girl And A Woman In A Water Fall.

And The Song Clip Is Just A Man Singing Dream On.

And I Think It May Be Led Zepplin, But Dont Know For Shure....

I Tryed Search But Its Not Working For Me....

help :unsure: