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Saw this commercial a few times during the hols, loved the tune, it's a Buick SUV (?) commerical ....cool holiday tune. would like to add to my Christmas music collection, anyone? ....thanks in advance...
My gut tells me that music was probably commissioned. GM, if they're going to use commercially released songs in ads, generally sticks to songs lots of people know.

In case anybody wants to take a crack at it, the spots are technically for GM as a whole. They're 15 seconds long, start off with the text "Your new sleigh is waiting" then snowballs smash onto the screen, show one vehicle from the GM line (Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, Saturn, Saab, etc), then more snowballs smash onto the screen and the text gives you the finance offer (Gee, can you tell I've seen ten million of these ads at work?)

Music starts with guitar, then sampled vocals, featuring lots of "Ho Ho Ho", and a snippet of a classic holiday tune.

Ads stopped running January 2nd, because that's when the offer ended.