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okay, I heard this on the radio, but it might be on TV too.....the only lyric I can make out is "my fever's high, its 90 in the shade"...it is a commercial, for Budweiser and the basic drift is the guy is skipping work to go to the beach, thanks for any help
Okay, I didn't find the song but while searching I found another forum where someone had posted this question as well. They lyrics they had were this:

"My fever's high, and it's 90 in the shade.
I think it's going to be a great, great day."

I did some searching including the second line there and found something interesting. If you click here, and note the first line of lyrics: "The fever's running wild
It's 102 in the shade" pretty similar to what you are looking for but I haven't heard either song so they could sound completely different or they could sound alike with just the lyrics changed for the commercial or something. Sorry I was unable to answer your question but maybe this information will help someone else here find your answer. :)
Better yet, you can listen to a clip of it here. Track number 3. Now it doesn't play a clip of the part with those lyrics and could possibly be a different artist in the commercial but you will have an idea if it sounds similar.
nope, not the one, I was looking for sir_garland, but appreciate the effort and good luck with the 944
did a little more research and some people seem to think it is an artist called Mount Sims or some others think it is an original composition for the commercial