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Ok, I search for this and there's no topic about the one Im about to say. It's the comercial that starts off with a guy picking and opening the beer, and you noticed a drop from the beer into the beer thats laying on the bar table. It catches this guy's eyes and it changes the scene with a glass of beer. Inside that glass of beer is liquid twirling around like a tornado. I'm trying to find out the name of the song so could you please help me? Thanks for your time and you can find this commercial from this website: http://www.budweiser.com/truefreshness.html
The only words I made out were:

Bring it on down
raise your hands up in the air

Not getting any good results with those lines though... :unsure:
sorry but the music was made specifically for the commercial. it's a pity too cuz a few months back i was obsessed with it too. seems like the music group or music editor was good too. anyways, tough luck finding it.
Ok, cool. I'll try finding hard for this, thanks you 2.
The song sounds a lot like Dilated Peoples who Budweiser happens to have under "sponsorship" for a series of concerts coming up...Don't know if you guys know but they had a song on NBA Live 2004...If you've heard it, you might see the similarities...If you find anything let me know...GW