budweiser - true beer


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A guy sitting at the bar notices a drop of beer turn into a crown.
Who plays that song?
i have looked into it...to no avail. There must be someone who knows! It is a catchy tune....
I e-mailed Budweiser and this was their reply:

Dear Deaqon28,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and email Anheuser-Busch.

We are excited to hear that you enjoyed the music featured in our Budweiser, “True Refreshment” commercial. This music was actually written specifically for use in the commercial. Since the music was written for the commercial, the song does not have a name and artist information is unavailable.

This commercial is scheduled to air again during the following programs:

On December 28, 2003 during the NFL Football presentation on CBS
On December 31, 2003 during Last Call With Carson Daly on NBC

Again thank you for contacting Anheuser-Busch. Please let us know if you have additional comments or questions. We hope you are able to catch this commercial again soon, and have a great holiday season!