Budweiser "True Groove"


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Hey all,

I am looking for the name and artist of the song that is played during the True Groove Budweiser commercial. There are different people dancing and the song sounds like techno. This song is so awesome id really appreciate if someone could help me out. There are no words, just beats.

Is this the ad with "mirror image" -- spliting people down the middle to make a whole person (does that make any sense?)? Anyway, I've seen that one, but not sure on the music. Lots of bright colors.

Does that sound like the ad you're after?
the newest Budweiser Commercial i've seen featured the song "To Get Down" by Timo Maas. i don't remember anything about the commercial, just that i've only seen it once and the song is from the Italian Job. hope that helps B)
thanks, but i dont think that is the one. i know timo maas, and that song is not the one in the True Groove commercial. check michelle's description of the commercial above.
i checked that song out, i dont think that is the one unfortunately.
scratch that...you are absoulely correct, i got the Satisfaction remix, which is the one.. THANKS ALOT!!!! REALLY APPRECIATE IT!
I was watching TV today (4/7/03), and saw this commercial. The newest Budweiser Commercial includes a tune by a band called Mystic "The Life." My suggestion if you ever hear a catchy tune on TV. Write any words you hear. Go to google and type it inbetween "quotations." That's how i found this, and it almost always works for me.