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Ok so i'm watching the movie Bubble boy and durring this scene right after he gets the Ice cream from the... Ice cream man... Its night he looks up at the stars and a comet shoots over head and i'm trying to find the song thats playing. Anyhelp? And for all of you who go out on a limb no it is not Blink 182's song "Damnit"

Any help would be hot
Have you checked the soundtrack out? You can listen to audio samples from the entire CD here. (that might just be the score though.) There's also a complete soundtrack list from the movie here.
Did you find it? I watched bubble boy today and think I remember some lyrics:

...look at what I found...

Don't know if that helps. I really wasn't paying much attention
:lol: .

Let me know if you find it.
*Le Sigh* Saddly I think it was a song made especially for "Bubble boy" and to top it off i think its on the same track as another song, and the link you gave me Michelle won't even let me listen to the whole song to see if its true. The song was Track #9 The Clouds / Riding With Push Pop. He was looking at clouds, and he did have a push pop with him durring that scene (Actually it was a Like a Chocolate Pop sicle but i won't hold it against them) Oh well.

P.S. Cute Icon Michelle ^_^!!
Wow! A New commer got it, Yeah it is King of Yesterday! Thanks alot man, and thanks to all who tried, Good effort team, you can put that green check mark next to this topic now ;) over and Out